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Town of Fishkill Police Cadets
Explorer Post 3049

801 Route 52
Fishkill, NY 12524


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Post History


    The Town of Fishkill Police Cadets are one of the first established in New York State, if not the nation. Established in December of 1972, the cadets have been serving the Town of Fishkill and area for over 30 years. The programs look has changed through the years but one thing has stayed the same and that's the programs mission, to train the law enforcement officers of tomorrow.

   When the post was formed back in the early 70s, it was more involved with the actual operation of the department. Although cadets still serve an important role in the department's operation, their primary duty is now to train. In the beginning cadets served as the department's dispatchers and police assistants. Strictly voluntary, the cadets were responsible for maintaining communications as well as assisting officers on the road. In addition to this cadets received various training and instruction from the program. As the town grew and civilian dispatchers were hired, cadets began working at the side of dispatchers and still continuing their ride-a-longs and instruction.

   Also through out the post's history, cadets have participated in various community events. From community get-togethers to county balloon races and from bike safety seminars to minor league baseball games. The cadets have been honored on many occasions for their volunteer services to the community. Some cadets have even been honored for saving lives while on duty.

   Changes Through the Years  

  • When the post was originally started back in the 1970s, it was started as BSA Explorer Post 49. However, due to redistricting by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), the post was changed to BSA Explorer Post 3049 in 2002.
  • Throughout the years, the cadet uniform has received little changes. However in 2002, the post switched from the old style uniform (Tan and Brown) to the new style uniform (Gray and Black).

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