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Town of Fishkill Police Cadets
Explorer Post 3049

801 Route 52
Fishkill, NY 12524


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Through the Years Pictures


 Cadets from the 2000 Renegades season (2000).

 Cadets in classroom taking a test (1996).

 Cadet class of 1995 (1995).

  Cadets in line for a uniform inspection (1994).

  Cadet Barclay working communications at the former Town of Fishkill Police Headquarters (1979).

 Cadet Barclay working the  radio in communications (1979).

 Cadet directing traffic at a traffic detail (1979).

 Cadet Barclay fingerprinting a walk-in complaint at Town of Fishkill Police Headquarters (1979).

 Cadets Robinson and LaDue being assisted by Officer Price in a newspaper article photo (1974).

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