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Town of Fishkill Police Cadets
Explorer Post 3049

801 Route 52
Fishkill, NY 12524


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National Academy


   Every other year, 30 of the nation's top police explorers are selected to participate in the National Law Enforcement FBI/ DEA/ US Marshals/ US Military Police Exploring Leadership Academies. A program is very fortunate to have a cadet within it to be selected for such a high honor and learning experience.



   Cadet Captain Charles Pisanelli was one of the 30 selected explorers to participate in the 2003 National Academies. Captain Pisanelli attended the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Academy of the National Police Explorer Academies. Below is a link to the photo gallery of his experiences and a picture of him receiving recognitions from various local leaders.

[ Photo Gallery ]


2003 Academy: Cadet Captain Charles Pisanelli being presented recognition awards by the Town Board, Chief of Police, and fellow cadets for his acceptance into the academy.

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